Leader in offshore services

Dhabi Drilling  is dedicated to further developing and maintaining its position as a leading, local business group serving the Oil & Gas Industry sector

About us

Dhabi Drilling is proud to have been recognized as one of the most     experienced companies engaged in the Oil & gas , Work over Drilling business for nearly thirty five years and has been successfully involved in a wide variety of offshore Operations ,Oil Well maintenance and Oilfield Services in 1986 onwards.

What We Do

Through a variety of sponsored branch offices and joint venture
arrangements, our international partners provide specialized oil & gas industry services,  in each of the sectors that we serve.

Health & Safety

Dhabi Drilling is committed to delivering excellent Health, Safety and Environment performance and integrates Health, Safety & Environment performance improvements into our business strategy to add further value for customers, shareholders and employees. Safety and environmental stewardship are the cornerstone of who we are, what we stand for and what we do every day to deliver safe and efficient offshore operations.

Our Partners